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Unloseable Unloseable
Carpet, wall art 114x156cm, 100% wool, tufting technique Electrically abstract artwork, in bright colors, fringe height 1-5cm. Suitable for black and white interior lovers, or as an accent in any other interior design. Handmade artwork.
1,900.00€ *
I love Matisse I love Matisse
Carpet, wall art 80x168cm, 100% wool, tufting technique Decorative, abstract, colorful artwork, usable as an interior accent. Inspiring on Henry Matis’ artworks, who is one of my most loved painters. Handmade artwork
1,100.00€ *
Drop in the ocean Drop in the ocean
Carpet, wall art 72x114cm, 100% wool, tufting technique Because of its form and size it would give your design a small bright and special accent. Dominating are warm tones – reds, oranges, for a contrast black and white elements and...
950.00€ *
Dancing flowers in the dark Dancing flowers in the dark
Wall art 60x100cm, 100% wool, taftinga tehnika. In bright colors tufted textile artwork, which design is made with different fringe heights, achieving a 3D effect. Tallest fringes reach 7 cm. This artwork gains a special effect when...
1,200.00€ *
Compression Compression
Carpet 228x223cm, 98% wool, 2% acryl, tufting technique Bright and soft large sized artwork, suitable for a brave interior. The design is crafted with different sized fringes 1-4cm, it gives a specially humble feeling while walking on...
2,900.00€ *
Lava flower Lava flower
Carpet 134x127, 98% wool, 2% acryl, tufting technique Round, irregular form carpet. Bright colors playing with neutral beige tones. The bright red and different green tones give the design a lifeful spirit. Very appropriate for a...
1,200.00€ *
Trails and varnishes Trails and varnishes
Wall art 130x162cm, 100% wool, acryl paint, taftinga tehnika On this carpet there are some untufted spots, that emphasize the various textures in the artwork, therefore only usable as a wall décor. It can bravely replace an abstract...
1,800.00€ *
Floating lava islands Floating lava islands
Carpet, wall décor 97x233cm 90%wool, 10% different fibers, tufting technique In silenced colors crafted carpet can be used as a sound isolator. Lots of different grays, violets, green tones with an emphasis on bright red lines. Everyone...
1,300.00€ *